The treaty of versailles as a direct cause of world war ii

How did the World War I peace settlement (Treaty of Versailles) help cause World War II?

Now it was interfering for the first time in the internal affairs of Europe and was taking the side of Germany against Britain and France. These decisions would render Germany defenceless against external attack. The ineffectual Blum at first fraternally promised aid to the Popular Front in Madrid, but he reneged within a month for fear that such involvement might provoke a European war or a civil war in France.

Over the past century there have been many such wars, and two of them were world wars. The Serbs triggered the entire affair by their involvement right up to top government officials in the assassination of foreign leaders. It was finally signed on 28 Juneexactly five years after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

So while the treaty looked really harsh to some people, it actually opened up opportunities for others. His administration later collapsed in the midst of an unprecedented corruption scandal.

When Hitleer came to power he helped to bring Germeny out of that depression. Italy, the smallest and weakest, had entered the War late and played a very minor role. The second one resulted in the deaths of 55 million people, the big majority of them civilians.

Several new independent countries were formed including Poland, Finland, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia. Those exemptions included men who had dependent families or physical disabilities.

Whether one characterizes the Treaty of Versailles as a free-for-all division of the spoils of victory, as some do, or as a thorough and calculated attempt to prevent a future war caused by German militarism, it is clear the Allies did their best to neutralize German military, economic, and even political power.

Germany, no longer a League member, ignored the sanctions and so healed its rift with Rome. Clemenceau was determined to cripple Germany militarily, politically, and economically so as never to be able to invade France again. Germany was also forbidden to unite with Austria to form a larger Nation to make up for the lost land Northern Schleswig was returned to Denmark following a plebiscite on 14 Februarywhile Central Schleswig opted to remain German in a separate referendum on 14 March People feared the spread of Communism.

The Italians performed miserably especially at Guadalajara in Marchbut German aid, including the feared Condor Legionwas effective.

Even at the Peace Conference differences emerged between Britain and France. The German leaders instead saw Stalin and Zinoviev, who advised them not to try to take power.

Learn More about World War I: Unlike previous swings in the business cyclethis financial panic did not eventuate in the expected period of readjustment, but rather defied all governmental and private efforts to restore prosperity for years until it seemed to a great many that the system itself was breaking down.

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Although representatives from twenty-seven nations gathered at the Paris Peace Conference on January 18, to begin drawing up a formal peace settlement, the shape of the settlement was squarely in the hands of three men in particular: The conjuncture of these policies doomed the independence of Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, and set Europe on a slippery slope to war.

The president, parliamentary conservativesand the army all apparently expected that the inexperienced, lower-class demagogue would submit to their guidance. Kurt von Schuschnigga pro-Italian Fascist, took over in Vienna. The National Assembly voted in favour of signing the treaty by towith 5 abstentions.

In the course of an intimidating tirade Hitler demanded that Nazis be included in the Vienna government. This outrage led to demonstrations and a cultural movement known as the May Fourth Movement, which was the starting point for an upsurge of the revolutionary movement in China.

The Depression naturally magnified European bitterness over the continuing international obligations, but the weakest link in the financial chain was Austria, whose central bankthe Creditanstaltwas on the verge of bankruptcy.

The press whipped up the public into a frenzy of anti-German chauvinism, and the Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau was implacable. But the Republicans, or loyalists, a Popular Front composed of liberals, Socialists, Trotskyites, Stalinists, and anarchists, took up arms to defend the Republic elsewhere and sought outside aid against what they styled as the latest Fascist threat.

The British and French ranted and raged. The manufacture, import, and export of weapons and poison gas was prohibited. The Versailles Treaty signified the dismemberment of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the creation of new states like Yugoslavia, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

It eliminated Russia as a direct enemy of Germany, at least in the s, and it removed Russia as an ally of France. Thus, Wilsonian national self-determination perversely made the Nazis appear to be on the side of principle. Japan succeeded in gaining control of Germany's former colonies in the Pacific, but Japan's ultimate goal was to gain control of China, and China did not play a role in World War I.

The Peace Treaty of Versailles represented the results of hostility and revenge and opened the door for a dictator and World War II.

Hire an Essay Writer > November 11, marked the end of the first World War. Mar 21,  · Best Answer: The harsh terms of the Treaty, such as the reparations that Germany had to pay to the Allies, prevented the German economy from recovering. (money had to be paid out in reparations).

This lead to the inability of the Wiemar Republic to make living conditions and economic level of Germany good Status: Resolved. The Treaty of Versailles also known as the treaty of Fartsss () was the peace treaty which officially ended World War I between the Allied and Associated Powers of the Cat republic and the Central Powers of the Doge Empire.

After six months of negotiations, which took place at the Paris. How the Treaty of Versailles and German Guilt Led to World War II.

Did the Treaty of Versailles cause World War II - Essay Example

the Treaty of Versailles might have caused the Great Depression. It eliminated Russia as a direct enemy of Germany, at. The Versailles Treaty, signed on June 28, in the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles in Paris, was the peace settlement between Germany and the Allied Powers that officially ended World War I.

Treaty of Versailles is a peace treaty between the Allies and Germany in What helped that causes WW II in Versailles Treaty?

The Treaty of Versailles helped caused World War II by treating Germany harshly in at least three ways is Territorial Loss, Military Reduction and Economic Reparation.

The treaty of versailles as a direct cause of world war ii
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