Assignment analysis of the business cycle

These fluctuations in the economic activities are termed as phases of business cycles. Now the current situation is that the GDP is growing positively, the aggregate demand has shifted towards right, that means the demand for the monopolistic products like food items, chocolates, and haircut will also increase.

In recession phase, all the economic factors, such as production, prices, saving and investment, starts decreasing. The increase in production level will increase the hiring of labors from the market.

In this phase, the growth rate of an economy becomes negative. The inflation rate is negative in July and the unemployment rate is highest with 9. So it is very essential to go through each and every context of the industry which may have an effect on the industry performance and considering all the aspects like internal and external environment, relationship with stakeholders, suppliers, buyers, capital requirement and funding issues and many more Grant, The upward and downward fluctuations in the cumulative economic magnitudes of a country show variations in different economic activities in terms of production, investment, employment, credits, prices, and wages.

In recovery phase, consumers increase their rate of consumption, as they assume that there would be no further reduction in the prices of products. Now let us analyze the data taken government websites given above According to the business cycle theory an economy that undergoes no real growth for a period of six months or more is technically in recession.

Depending upon the various aspects of operations and process the strategic formulations may vary. Here, we will be taking into consideration of Mobile phones industry and how the strategic formulation and changes make the industry more effective and what else can be done by adopting various other dimension of strategic management to make an effective and integrated industry framework to make the Mobile Phones industry more sustainable for the long run.

More essays like this: The Help With Assignment Blog is intended to provide with tips and tricks to students so that they are able to do better at school and college. The other phases that are expansion, peak, trough and recovery are intermediary phases.

After reaching the low point of the contraction, the trough Taggregate economic activity begins to increase. Periods of expansion Begin when economic activity starts to increase and continues until the economy reaches a peak.

During the trough phase, the economic activities of a country decline below the normal level. Economists have measured and studied these fluctuations for more than a century.

The period of time during which aggregate economic activity grows is an expansion or a boom. We can see the losses in the grey shaded area figure 2how due to high average total cost and lower prices are making loss to the firm.

Assignment: Analysis of the Business Cycle Essay Sample

At this phase of mature stage the mobile phone industry should be more careful to keep them sustainable and competitive. External External environment has again a huge impact on the mobile phones industry and organization.

Now we need not to think about our relatives and friends, it is just on the reach of our one click that could have been possible by mobile phones only. That growth has transformed countries and greatly improved living standards.

If the recession is particularly severe, it becomes depression.

5 Phases of a Business Cycle (With Diagram)

Everyday new mobiles phones with some add on features are coming in the market. In peak phase, the economic factors, such as production, profit, sales, and employment, are higher, but do not increase further. The increase in profit also continues in the recovery phase. Then only they can make an effective strategic move.

Few implement transformation strategies, few implement diversification strategies and few implement expansion strategies. Conclusion The discussion shows the importance of strategic tools and techniques for the effective utilization of resources within an organization depending upon the kind of industry in which the organization is dealing with.

The business cycle is the natural rise and fall of economic growth that occurs over time. The cycle is a useful tool for analyzing the economy. It can also help you make better financial decisions.

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Each business cycle has four phases. They are expansion, peak, contraction, and trough.

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They. The business cycle describes the rise and fall in production output of goods and services in an economy. Business cycles are generally measured using rise and fall in real – inflation-adjusted.

Business Cycle

Feb 26,  · Business Cycle Essay. Institutional Affiliation Competitive Analysis Business Cycles Labor is an important factor of production for all firms. The purpose of this assignment is to select a step in the accounting cycle that is not currently automated at one of our team members ' organization.

The place of business we have selected is an. Assignment: Analysis of the Business Cycle Essay Sample. Economic fluctuations are the rise and fall of economic activity relative to the long-term growth trend of the economy.

U.S. Economic Fluctuations has two phases one is the periods of expansion and other is the contraction. Task Assignment over the Business Cycle Paul J.

Devereux, University of California, Los Angeles In this article, I evaluate the hypothesis that firms respond to nega-tive demand shocks by assigning workers to tasks that require less.

ASSIGNMENT 1 Introduction In macroeconomics, business cycle played an important role to show what a national economy is going; therefore, this essay will define what business cycle is .

Assignment analysis of the business cycle
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Assignment: Analysis of the Business Cycle | Essay Example