A message to the moon

The face is full, the hair brown, the eyes blue, complexion pale and sickly, for the Cancer person has the least vitality of any. The Moon in Aquarius if well-aspected gives the person a very vivid imagination and the power of calling images up before the mind's eye in such a manner that they seem almost tangible; besides these people are not dependent upon the faculty of reason, for their intuition is also exceedingly well- developed.

The mandible or lower jaw is powerfully hinged to the cranium, the face is therefore widest between the ears, the mouth is also large, and the whole construction similar to the crab's claw.

When many planets are in Pisces, the person will have a hard life, because he or she will not want to take up life's burden, but will love to dream; such people become recluses; they seek to master the hidden arts, occultism and mysticism; are not guided by reason, but rather by their likes and dislikes, and unless they can find an occupation that is otherwise isolated from the ordinary business and trend of life they will feel out of place.

We may mention it here, however, as a peculiarity that Aries people live through fevers to which others succumb.


If these signs and planets are well placed in the horoscope, they counteract most other afflictions and a long lease of life is assured, but if they are afflicted, much sickness results unless intelligent care is applied to modify the omen.

If Pisces is in the Twelfth House and the Moon there at birth this will give a liability on the part of the parents to drink and thus to neglect their children who may then become the wards of charitable institutions until they reach maturity.

The presence of Saturn in Virgo, or the sixth house, accentuates this tendency in the very highest degree, and therefore it is an almost infallible sign that the native will have or be subject to chronic illness, the nature of the disease being denoted by the aspect, and the afflicting planets.

This lander code-named Tonto was designed to provide impact cushioning using an exterior blanket of crushable balsa wood and an interior filled with incompressible liquid freon.

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The limbs are extremely slender in proportion to the large upper body, so the structure appears "top heavy," and he walks with a "rolling" gait.

This position is also a fruitful source of trouble with the law or legal affairs. It is a sign of a fruitful marriage particularly when in Scorpio. Also a person with an afflicted Saturn in the Sixth House finds it almost impossible to secure employment and it is evident that such a person has indeed a hard life, being unable to earn a living when able to be about.

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The Sun rising in Leo would give a florid complexion with flaxen hair, but if Saturn were there, instead it would shorten the body and darken the hair. Rei does not, as she goes to her own school which does not use high school entrance exams.

These people are very optimistic, good humored, jovial, and ideal companions unless the Moon is afflicted, then her position in Sagittarius is conducive to indolence and self-indulgence.

It is because the journey should be an adventure. The Sun rising brings out the Justice, Purity and Honor of the sign, makes Captains of Industry such as forward the great enterprises of the world.

In modern times, we do much the same, but our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood. When they have failed in one direction they immediately try another venture and in the end their very persistence usually brings them into prominence in their line and gives them ultimate success, unless the Moon is afflicted; then they are prone to take up one occupation after another without giving themselves time to try honestly to make a success of any one.

In love, in hate, in work or play, they persist in a given direction, and neither reason nor argument will turn them. In the man's horoscope they either deny marriage or indicate the death of the marriage partner and their general tendency to obstruct everything connected with the houses and signs wherein they are placed in the horoscope.

The Sun, and Mars the Ruler, rising in Aries would intensify the above, but as a thorough explanation will be given under the heading "The Intrinsic Nature of the Planets," the student is referred thereto. This position also gives good reasoning powers and the ability to form a correct judgment, love of art and music, sometimes considerable ability as a performer if assisted by other aspects.

This is also a bad sign for health, particularly in the earlier years. It then marks the difference between the impulsive Aries and the stubborn Taurus.

They are kind, sociable and fond of friends with the result that they usually attract large numbers of intellectual people to their circle of acquaintances. Virgo people are slender in youth, but when the Sun of Life passes the Meridian and begins to throw its shadows toward the East, we find in them a tendency toward corpulence of body, particularly of that part ruled by Virgo, namely, the abdomen.

Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice (MOON) Information on the MOON can be found using the left navigation menu. Questions? Questions regarding any of the Fee For Service BNI notices may be sent to our mailbox: [email protected] Send questions regarding Medicare Advantage notices to: [email protected] Send questions regarding the MOON to: [email protected] On April 20,Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke took his first steps on the moon.

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The first human-made object to reach the surface of the Moon was the Soviet Union's Luna 2 mission, on 13 September The United States' Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the Moon, on 20 July There have been six manned U.S.

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A message to the moon
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